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It’s been a while … October 4, 2010

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I promised myself 2010 would be better than 2009, 2008, 2007 etc. Well, so far, so not-so-good. I’ve decided that as it’s a new decade, I’ll give it a second chance. After all, what is the alternative?

Anyway, what have I been up to?

I learned to spin

This fluffy fibre


lovely yarn

that looked like this when I was finished

mmmmm yarny

I knitted a mini me for Bryon and myself for display at the Science Museum courtesy of Stitch London

FrankenDeb and Bryon of FrankenDeb sail the Solent

They came to the Isle of Wight with us, the car was quite full …

lots of crafting in there, very few clothes ...

We went to the Isle of Wight Festival, music, fireworks, dodgy doughnuts, and maybe a wee bit of yarnstorming. Don’t know who did that, oh no, not me. 😉

Yarny butterfly on the vine

We also went to the Isle of Wight butterfly farm, where a yarny British Blue Butterfly slipped in with the exotics.

We built a garden

beautiful blue bloom

I bought a moped

Blurry Bike - meet Bella the Vespa

I think I’ve caught up now!

Oh hang on, camping. We bought a tent, and then another one, but that can wait for another day.

Will try to do better next time ….


Happy new decade! January 1, 2010

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Well, it’s twenty-ten now. Farewell old decade, don’t let the door hit you in the arse on the way out.

Changes are afoot for me – my job is changing, and things are happening health-wise.

As hubby said – here’s to a new decade without any nasty operations in it!

Cheers everyone!


Monday – last full day on the Island June 16, 2009

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Woken at fearfullyvearly time by evil cramp in mybright calf, Bryon slept through the screaming. Limped around a bit then back to bed for a bit more kip. Up again at 9, dragging Bryon up with me.

Spent a peacefull morning playing with felt again. I cut handles into the felted bag, and attached 3 cherry blossoms to either side. Bag now finished, complete with sporty lining. I am very chuffed with it, Bryon – as usual – asks when I will sell it.

Off to Ventnor Boranic Gardens because we habenever been there, and it’s also at the opposite side of the island to all the ferry terminals – no doubt they are full of sweaty festival goers on their way home.

The gardens were beautiful. We had lunch in the Palm Court then wondered around forcsn hour or two. Many people tucked away in corners reading, how lovely.

We think we saw a triffid.

We drive back to the van via the centre of the island, getting delisciously lost in the green heartland. Managed to navigate our way through the leafy lanes and up to Brading Down for a final Minghella’s ice cream. Mint choc chip and rum n raisin. Mmmmmmmm.

Back to the van at 5 to pack. Mostly done by 7 ish and off for a last meal out at the Culver Haven Inn, which perched on Culver Diwn among the windswept trees, looking firmly rooted while the flora seems to be hanging on for dear life. Portions were huge, and we were full to the point of explosion when we were done.

Back to the van to catch the last few bits of the ITV2 festival coverage then to bed just after midnight. Alarm set for 8 as we are on the 11:30 ferry and there is van-cleaning to be done in the morning.


Day three- wistfullness June 15, 2009

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Woke up at 7:30, went to bed at 2.30. Oh dear. As I has cunningly planned ahead I got on with wet-felting the bag. I think my arms fell off at one point. Stopped fir a rest, a banana and a cup of OJ as my body is craving vitimins and minerals after 2 days if festival food. More rolling, rubbing and thumping of felt. Also chppwd up some felt rolls into lityle peacick coloured beads. Stuck The Hobbit on the iPod and tried to teach myself to spin yarn with a drop spindle. Hmmmm. Practice us the only answer I fear.

Dragged Bry out if bed at 10, he made sausage sandwiches and tea. I do love him.

Earlier into the festival today. Goldie Lookin Chain up first for us. They definately have a sense of humour. From Newport, Wales to Newport, IoW – a but different. The Script were excellent, they hadn’t slept for 2 days apparently.

Pue and madh for lynch, Bry was quite happy with his, he even took a picture. Absolutely scorching by 2 in the afternoon. It was during this hour that we discovered that I’m a vampire as I was melting, and Bry us a lizard as he moves much faster in the sun.

Bass much higher in the mix today, which makes me a happier girl.

Sun went in at 5, just after Pigeon Detectives finished. They were good, then Simple Minds. Ah, the 80s. I’m so old. Excellent set. We discovered Bryon’s sunburn about then, we also discovered cake. Simple Minds reminded us both if being very drunk in the Top Rank in Southampton when we were teenagers. As far as I can work out Bryon wasn’t dancing around handbags, but I was.

The dad-dancers were our in force again, and Bez and Churchill were right next to he. I fear they are stalking us.

Atmosphere was sadly lacking for the Pixies, I think most of the mosh pit had no clue who they were, nor Neil Young. We decided to cut our losses and set off home before the cold really set in.

Back in the van I had a glass or wine or two, and we watched the ITV2 coverage of the festival with our feet up. Nice.

Bryon has sunburn, and can apparently “use the force” to play Sudoku on his psp even if I cover his eyes. On that giggly note I went to sleep


Day two – a bit more mellow June 14, 2009

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Luxury lay-in today, almost 8:30. Why can’t I get the hang of this sleeping lark? After all, I am married to an expert. Never mind, it gives me time to indulge in my hobbies. This morning I felted again, made lots of little beads that I’ll embellish with beads and other shiny things later. I also set up the form and fibre wrap for a felted bag. This is what I’ll attach most of those cherry blossoms I made to.

As Bry was asleep I used all the milk on my granola. Whoaaaaa haa haa (evil laugh TM) When he finally woke up we decided to slob about a bit before round two of the festival. Top Gear and Neighbours, a nice cup of tea and a sausage roll for lunch. We are so very rock and roll.

Off to the festival via Costa and the cash point Bryon broke the local one, so we had to go to the Tesco hole on the wall, I suspect sabotage so we had to be near Costa.

Arrived just in time to hear The View. Settled in our comfy chairs by the time Paulo Nuttini came on (He still seems very sweet, even when he’s drunk and sweary), Maximo Park were good then Razorlight were full of themselves as normal singer gad a tshirt on rhar read “I can do this blindfold”, really? Why I’m so glad I paid a lot of money to see you then

Last and definitely nit keast and Stereophonics headline. Stereophonics are awesome live. Theyvwete nite perfect and looked to be having a ball Mmmmmm Kelly Jones. I feel a 3:15 coming on.

There was more fancy dress today. More men in skirts and leggings, a stormtrooper a la Star Wars and Fred Flinstone to name a few. A group of 4 girls who sat in front if us seemed to be some if the village people. Bryon was volunteering to be the missing traffic cop.

It rained a bit, but was much warmer than yesterday. Someone tried to steal the bee off of my hat. The Bez-dancer and Churchill-bidding wife were back.

Bck to the van, cream tea type supper and so to bed. Tired and happy.


Isle of Wight Festival – the shouty day June 13, 2009

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Day one is always a strange one, changing gear from sleepy Isle of Wight chilled out holiday to 60,000 people in a field is a bit if a leap.

We parked opposite the entrance (yay!) and Bry lugged the chairs down to our usual spot. The line up was good, shouty night tonight. Basement Jaxx were playing with rhythm as usual, really great set. Then Pendilum and Prodigy, lots if keyboards, bass and shouting.

There was a mass of confused families leaving during the last two acts, along with too much dad-dancing. I was also a rad worried about the numbers of infants with no ear defenders, surely down the front at Prodigy isn’t a good plan fir your new born?

There was a beautiful red moon peeking out from behind the clouds on the way back, we drive up to the top of Culver Down and took some pictures. We always forget to pack the tripod, doh!

As we drew up to the caravan our headlight shone on a rabbit, casting a shadow, good to know that deformed-rabbit is the default setting for real-rabbit shadow puppetry too.


Paddling, sunshine and shade

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Spent the morning adding yet more felt to the vessel. Mild finger damage but all relatively minor.

When Bryon finally woke up we had croissants for brunch. Bry rarely sees morning on holiday.

We set off for Shanklin and the sunny beach for our traditional holiday feet photo, and a stroll around the Chine. The chine is a channel/gorge type thing cut into the rick by a river. It is a beautiful place; green, shady and tranquil. We love to take photos here.

Stopped fir lunch at the tea shop in the chine, then off to the beach for a paddle. The sea is always freezing and Bry refuses to swim in it, so ankle deep is as good as you are going to get.

Back down to Shanklin again fir dinner, curry the day before the festival, never wise. Hanging around outside to get wireless signal was a highlight!